Philippines Salitaan Players Association

What is a Tournament?

At a tournament, PSPA members get together to play several rounds of SALITAAN according to tournament rules under the supervision of a tournament director.

The player who wins the most games usually wins a prize, and the results of the event are submitted to PSPA to update everyone’s rating.

Most PSPA clubs hold at least one big tournament each year. The PSPA National Championsips should be held each year, alternating location between the main Regions of the Philippines.

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Philippines Salitaan Players Association

Playing in Tournaments

Tournaments are organized by PSPA-sanctioned Directors. In order to play in a tournament, you must:

  • Be a PSPA member in good standing
  • Be familiar with the tournament rules
  • Contact the director to register for the event

If it is your first time playing in a tournament, you should make sure your tournament director knows this. Ask the director how you should prepare for your tournament; and do not hesitate to ask the director for help, if at any time during your tournament you aren’t sure what to do.

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Philippines Salitaan Players Association

Kinds of Tournaments

PSPA Tournaments can be RATED, UNRATED or CASUAL. PSPA has four different kinds of rated tournaments:

  • An open rated tournament is open to anyone and is fully rated.
  • A local club tournament is open to anyone and is partially rated.
  • A team challenge is restricted to members of specific clubs or residents of specific regions, and is fully rated.
  • A championship is restricted to Tagalog languare and members of a specific club or residents of a specific region.
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Philippines Salitaan Players Association

Scheduling a Tournament

Complete the Tournament Listing Request form to request PSPA sanctioning of your tournament. In order to have a tournament sanctioned you must:

  • Be a PSPA member in good standing (your membership must be current).
  • Be certified as a tournament director or tournament coordinator.
  • Make sure that your tournament complies with all tournaments guidelines.
  • Submit the PSPA Tournament Request to provide information about your tournament to the Tournament Committee.
  • Ensure that a certified tournament director will be present throughout your event.
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Philippines Salitaan Players Association

Competition Rules

The Official rules that come with each Salitaan game clearly state some of the rules that must be used in competition:

  • All of the Letter Tiles go in ONE BAG.
  • Use of a Timer or Gameclock – see “Game Clock Requirements”
    Unlimited Challenges
  • There is no limit challenges that can me made by any competing player
  • An unbiased Judge must be decided upon prior to play commencing. (The PSPA is currently researching a definitive Tagalog dictionary and/or software to ease the decisions to what is or is not a legal word.)
  • Restricted Letter Changing at the end of each game.
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Philippines Salitaan Players Association

Game Clock Requirements

Generally, all rated games must be played to a 35-minute per side clock length. However, Directors may offer sanctioned tournaments that include early bird and/or late bird events with shorter clocks, subject to the following:

  • Clock length of the shorter clock games must be no less than 25 minutes per side.
  • Clock length may not be longer than 35 minutes per side.
  • The shorter clock games must be as part of an early bird or late bird to a main event with regular, 35-minute per side games.
  • The number of 35-minute per side rounds at the main event tournament must exceed the number of shorter clock rounds by at least one.
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