Philippines Salitaan Players Association


  • PSPA certifies its officials as being qualified to direct sanctioned tournaments and clubs. 
  • Directors are the “backbone” of the PSPA. They are resposible for the implementation of all PSPA policies during tournament and club play.
  • If you are interested to become a PSPA Director, please write to us at info@pspa.com.ph
Philippines Salitaan Players Association


PSPA offers several different categories of certification for its officials. The criteria for certification are set jointly by the Tournament Committee and the Club/Director Committee. If you are interested in becoming certified, please follow the detailed instructions for director certification.

  • Tournament/Club Director*   –   May direct tournaments and clubs.
  • Club Director*   –   May direct clubs.
  • Tournament Coordinator    –   May organize and have sanctioned tournaments,
    and hire directors to work at them.

*You must pass a test to obtain this certification

Philippines Salitaan Players Association

Director's Responsibilites

It is important for all PSPA directors to remember they are also  PSPA’s public representatives. PSPA is Humble’s official organization to promote competitive club and tournament SALITAAN play.

Accordingly, directors should only promote competitive SALITAAN play through PSPA and no other organization except in the case of advertising, in which they should identify them as a PSPA club. In exchange for these services, directors have been granted exclusive territorial rights for their clubs and tournaments by PSPA.

The first responsibility of PSPA directors is to represent PSPA in a professional, moral, ethical, fair, welcoming and encouraging manner.

The second responsibility of a PSPA director is to perform the duties of a director in order to provide more, not fewer, opportunities for all players to participate, which is why entreating anyone to renounce his or her PSPA membership is unacceptable as it decreases the opportunities available to them to participate in competitive SALITAAN.

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